We are Flui.Go

Flui.Go started out as a student project at Maastricht University, where Bachelor students were tasked to develope a modular biochip. Discovering the potential of the system as an educational tool, the project supervisors Renato Rogosic and Benjamin Heidt, both Ph.D. Candidates, took part at the "Science+ Engineering for Society" competition at Maastricht University. After winning the competition they now focus on optimizing the system and distributing the first kits to schools in Limburg.

Our Team


Renato Rogosic M.Sc.

Ph.D. Candidate 

Benjamin Heidt M.Sc.

Ph.D. Candidate 

Business Staff

Renèe Belting

B.Sc. Student International Business

Scientific Staff

Juliette Passariello Jansen, B.Sc. Student


Silvio Bonni

B.Sc. Student MSP

David Dimech 

B.Sc. Student MSP

Saga Björnör 

B.Sc. Student MSP

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